Verified Commit bbc7e159 authored by GovanifY's avatar GovanifY
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profile/laptop: make autoupgrade state persistent and weekly

parent dfa54c0e
......@@ -10,5 +10,13 @@ with lib;
navi.profile.graphical = true;
navi.components.gaming.enable = true;
# check weekly for updates on laptop instead of the usual daily, a few hours
# after other devices updates so that they had the time to build the new
# updates and our laptop can fetch it from the binary cache. While we're
# at it use a persistent state so that systemd realize when the system was
# shut down for quite some time.
system.autoUpgrade.dates = "Mon *-*-* 20:00:00";
systemd.timers.nixos-upgrade.timerConfig.Persistent = "true";
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